Fuel For Practice

Have you had trouble getting yourself motivated to set time aside for some serious practice? Here are some points that will hopefully ignite some motivation!


It is truly a beautiful thing when people can come into a church where the sound of heartfelt praise and worship lifts them into His presence. I have also however seen that little things can distract people too. Little things like being off pitch, a highly strained singer or someone even sounding like they’re shouting. Then there could be a lack of commitment; people can’t follow because there is no clarity and confidence. Many worship teams around the world only have a little opportunity every week to help people enter into God’s presence. Let’s do all we can to ensure we are contributing positively to that process.


Ask yourself where your strengths and weaknesses are. Have enough courage to ask someone else that you respect to be honest with you and offer helpful feedback. It could be your worship pastor, another singer on the team you look up to. Identifying these things can be so powerful. This way you know what behaviors to encourage and focus your efforts on improving areas of weakness. Being purposeful about your practice is very smart.


Did you know 10,000 hours of deliberate practice = world-class skill? That’s right, no one is born a genius. Michelangelo learned how to use a hammer and chisel before he could read and write. It has even been estimated that Mozart by his sixth birthday, had studied 3,500 hours of music with his instructor father. Allocating regular time for deliberate focused practice will and can only provide results!


You finally decide to practice and you don’t even notice any improvement, or even still, have no idea how to practice? You need a coach. When you find a great coach you start to notice improvement immediately! They know how to get you into the practice zone and you’re hooked! A drive to keep going deeper and getting better will ignite. Finding a coach that does this for you is worth every penny!


Spending time with other singers is one of the best ways to keep your passion alive. You may find them in a church worship team, a choir or an ensemble or at school. I am so thankful for my vocal ‘geek’ friends. We love getting together to sing, share our latest revelations and our favourite singers. They also love Jesus and have a passion to use their voices for His glory. These kinds of friends are keepers!


Above all, remember it is for His glory. He has given us talents and is interested to see what we do with them. PSALM 13:6 “I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me”.

Much love! Francesca Olson