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Leading Is Never Over

May 13 2013

It's never over. Never. And just when you think it is, it isn't. Not by a long shot. And while this might sound like a review of The Hobbit or extra innings at a baseball game, it's not.

As clichéd as it may sound, a leader's job is never done. It's never complete; and you're never able to clock off. If you're in charge of creative people and initiatives and you find yourself thinking 'I'm done', trust me, you're not finished. You're finished.

The truth is, when you've trained, developed, equipped and empowered someone and set them on their way to build something, you entrust them with the responsibility. You leave it behind. The critical part is what comes next. What you do with yourself. Deciding that you will then move forward and keep aspiring to greater heights.

It is critically important to make sure you grow, stretch your capacity and look at how you can improve as a thinker / speaker / artist / whatever the case may be. Just the same as our creative God continues to create (He certainly didn't stop in Genesis 2). It's in His nature, and ours, to be continually pushing ahead. This is why you've got to grow yourself so you can lead with greater clarity and conviction. The greatest part of your personal leadership over others may be directly affected by the level to which you grow your own capacity. They are linked.

If you do this well, and forge ahead to continually find new avenues of creativity and fresh strategies to take more Kingdom ground, guess what?

The people you've established and mentored will be ready for more too. See, if you've done your job and are ready to handle more, then they won't be far behind you.

In some ways, leading is actually all about you. You can't lead your team to a place you haven't been yourself.

Think of it Biblically; Moses lead the Israelites, then went up the mountain to meet with God, then came back down with fresh instructions for what was ahead.

Any creativity, gifting, or people – based pursuit requires you to do the same.

So take a minute to check which stage you're up to – developing people, developing yourself, or developing people again.

I guarantee you'll find yourself at one of those points. Because leadership is never finished.