Welcome Zion: On The Road

Jun 13 2013

This is an update from our Tour Manager Luke Webb who is on the road in the USA with Hillsong UNITED for the Welcome Zion Tour.

Hi Brian & Bobbie,

We had a great night in Dallas tonight, considering we did not arrive at the venue until 2pm.

Last night was crazy. The 2nd UNITED bus broke down so we had to put the 11 people and trailer from that bus onto the 1st UNITED bus…

We managed to get everyone in bunks or on lounges between the 1st UNITED bus and the Crew buses, so it was not too bad, although not too many people had a great night’s sleep.

Regardless of the breakdown, we knew we would get into Dallas around 1pm because the drive is so far. So Pippett and one of the rigger contractors stayed in Albuquerque last night and flew to Dallas this morning so they arrived at 10am and could start prepping the venue. The team at Gateway Church really helped us with some production support and organised to bring in extra motors so we could pre-rig the hanging points before the trucks arrived, so when they got there they where already to start hanging the lighting rig etc. This saved us two hours.

I love the Verizon venue because they have great facilities and the auditorium is a great theatre where no seat is a bad seat, and also because it was sold out and full.

We had 7,000 people there tonight. The crowd was very engaging and got louder as the night when on.

Lots of decisions when JD did the altar call tonight! He is doing brilliantly.

We are looking forward to the 14hr drive to Denver without a bus breakdown.

See you soon,

(Hillsong Tour Manger)

Hillsong UNITED ZION: Hillsong Collected
Hillsong UNITED ZION: Hillsong Collected

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