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Could it be an Open Heaven

Jul 12 2013

Google OPEN HEAVEN and the first entry defines it as “a pronounced increase; in a particular season; the supernatural invading the natural”.

Well, if you found yourself amid the thousands gathered for this year’s Hillsong Conference in Sydney, the definition kind of works.

* “a pronounced sense of increase …” was definitely felt. Praise and worship wasn’t only magnificent, it was life changing and life defining. Lyric, song, musicianship and multiplied thousands of voices lifted in high praise to the King of Kings is revival in motion and revival in the making.

No words will ever give justice to what happens in such an environment. We may just have to wait for the future to bear witness to all that was sown and accomplished in that giant stadium that became a giant lounge room full of God’s gorgeous sons and daughters. Isaiah 9:7 (NKJV) says, “Of the increase of His government and peace, there will be no end. Upon the throne of David and over His Kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and justice. From that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.”

* “a particular season …” – I don’t know about you but you would have to agree that the Church of Jesus Christ is moving into new realms of authority, anointing, stature and adventure!

Hebrews teaches us to labour to enter His rest and all sorts of magnificent things happen when we operate from this place of revelation. The harvest fields of the earth are white unto harvest. Whiter than they’ve ever been. People are hungry, people are searching, God’s Spirit is joining the dots like never before and I believe THIS IS our season as the Church.

I pray you observed and sensed His Spirit weaving all the sessions, speakers and moments together. I’m excited for the months ahead and I’m excited to see where HIS SPIRIT will lead us all over the next 12 months. 2014 will be like no other as we gather strategically under the banner of NO OTHER NAME.

* and “… the supernatural invading the natural” was definitely our collective experience. From the adult conference within the arena, to the best ever JAM Y&F youth conference, to the kids conference – it was all heaven kissed.

On the Friday evening as the conference drew towards its glorious end, Brian asked me to join him as he took a moment to pray a benediction over the soon to be departing delegates. As I walked up the steps onto that grand and beautiful platform, I literally felt the tangible anointing.

Judah Smith had just preached and wept openly as he challenged us all (himself included) to go find the “Gomers” of this world. He had brought to life the story of Hosea’s wife and GOD’S UNRELENTING LOVE FOR FLAWED HUMANITY. The challenge to heighten our passion for the lost, the broken, the undeserving was obviously what God intended to be the final exclamation mark on what had been a week of astounding teaching and inspiration. At the exact same time that Brian was praying this benediction and blessing over everyone’s lives – the children (1,000 of them in the KIDSONG part of the conference) were experiencing a similar, unprecedented move of God’s Spirit. Children were apparently on their knees weeping and worshipping – unwilling to allow the moment and the song (Love Amazing) to end. Leaders told how our kids were praying and prophesying over one another as if it were the most natural thing to do. A friend’s young son came out afterward and said, “Dad, I’ve always believed in Jesus, but tonight I felt him”.

I’m sharing this to say, that God’s supernatural presence saturated our humanity on so many levels.

Something is happening dear friends. His Church is rapidly coming of age, miracles are in motion all over the earth and there is clarity of vision as never before. His Word is alive. His calling is felt. His Commission is more tangible and doable than ever. Revival is in the air.

Thank you to all who came and gave their all. Thank you to our own team who excelled and created such a holy and yet fun environment. Hunger and expectation is never disappointed and it was sensed from the outset of Monday night. I pray that God’s Spirit will seal all He did in you. And I pray that we will all gather again under HIS NAME next year. Isaiah 40 says that those who wait (or gather) shall renew their strength – and we all need strength and one another for the adventure of what awaits us. Thy Kingdom Come dear friend, Thy Kingdom Come.


(PS: and if you’ve never been to Hillsong Conference before, why not decide today to come and experience 2014 with us. Consider yourself warmly invited)

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