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Hillsong Conference 2013: Revival Starts With Me

Jul 1 2013

Well, here we are. Just an hour away from the opener of Hillsong Conference 2013. I have great faith that this years Hillsong Conference is going to exceed all our expectations. How can I say that? Well, for 27 years now, God has never once let us down. He has never failed to show up, never failed to change lives and impact people; and therefore impact churches, cities and entire nations. And it’s all by the grace of God.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to host this conference every year, and just this week I was exhorting our staff to never ever take for granted the opportunity that we have to make a difference in peoples lives. So, while you were packing your suitcase, taking time off work, making plans for the kids, jumping on planes, in cars, trains, on ferries…we were preparing with open hearts and diligent hands to ensure you are going to be welcomed, loved, served and able to experience what God wants to do in and through you like never before.

This year we have put a banner over the conference, stating ‘REVIVAL STARTS WITH ME’. So, what does that mean? Just this afternoon in a press conference, a member of the media asked me ‘What is Revival?’ Well, it’s multi-dimensional. Revival can so often be translated into ‘crowds’. But we know it’s more than that. Revival is about restoring that which is desolate; about repairing that which is broken; reviving that which is dead. Revival can occur in our marriages, in our workplaces, in our finances, in our ministries, and in individual lives as broken hearts find life and hope in Jesus. I believe we ARE in the midst of a revival. I believe we are living in days that were prayed for and dreamed about in years gone by. Foundations that were laid by faithful believers, church builders and evangelists that proclaimed the truth of the Gospel in this land.

My prayer for you this week at Hillsong Conference 2013 is that REVIVAL would begin with you. That Revival would capture your heart, your ministry, your family and that you would see God do something NEW in your life.

SO…some of you may have seen the ‘25 things’ rules and guidelines I gave my staff earlier in the week when it comes to conference. Well, I thought I’d give YOU, our guests, ’10 things’ that you could do to ensure you get all that you can out of what I believe will be a life-changing week! Remember…REVIVAL starts with YOU.

1) Be early for everything. On time is LATE. Come early, soak in the atmosphere, fellowship with other believers and be in your seat, ready and expectant when the first note sounds.

2) Always smiling, never reacting. It’s easy to get bothered about things at large conferences. Long toilet queues, parking, bad weather, miscommunications…but if you make an effort to keep a smile on your face throughout this conference, your attitude could just affect and change someone else’s, and make the entire week just that much better.

3) Take responsibility for the atmosphere. We are all leaders in some capacity. In our homes, our schools, our churches, our ministries. BE A LEADER – get to know people in your seating section, lead your row in enthusiasm throughout the conference.

4) Take notes – Use a notebook. These days its so easy to take notes on your mobile device or on your ipad, but can I encourage you…don’t be distracted! I believe God wants to speak to you during this conference…so grab a pen and LISTEN!

5) Laugh and have fun. Make memories, enjoy the break times and get involved with some of the craziness that goes on behind the scenes and onstage at this year’s conference.

6) Tweet the tweetable quotes and use your social media to saturate the airwaves with inspiring, God-centered, Biblical Truths! Let the name of JESUS be lifted up as people are bombarded with great news from #hillsongconf

7) Give the gift of hospitality and leave a lasting memory of kindness by helping young mums carry all their gear from the parking lot; help older delegates to find the lifts or to the front of a lineup. If we all take a bit of responsibility, we could change peoples experience for the better

8) Go to Bed. Conference is a BIG WEEK. Eat well, look after yourself and get some rest so you don’t miss a minute!

9) No negative conversation – be a part of the solution. If you encounter an ‘issue’ at conference, step in, let one of our volunteers know and remember – we are in this TOGETHER, the great CO-mission.

10) Have a personal revival. Be EXPECTANT to hear from God, because I truly believe He is ready and waiting to transform lives this week. May we leave never the same.


For more information and to register for Hillsong Conference please visit and follow us on Twitter @Hillsong & @HillsongConf, and Instagram @Hillsong