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Jul 12 2013

Thank you. Thank you Hillsong Conference for leaning in from the first day. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your honour and your decision to BE the culture, to BE the church and to open your hearts and lift your hands high in surrender to God from the very first night.

I’d like to keep this short, but the list could go on and on of how we were blessed by the diversity of speakers and the calibre of teaching that each one of them brought to our platform last week.

No one will forget the Bishop marching the stage and shouting, “Da elephant is over der!” Or the Osteens bringing us a message of Hope through their incredible team on Wednesday night. Judah Smith brought the House down with his always funny and honest message about forgetting what we THINK we deserve and relying on the grace of God.

My dear friend, Pastor Charles Nieman brought us all to tears with his vulnerability and love for Jesus… “You are my stand up and my recovery”. And my beautiful wife reminded us again that it is all about “Thy Kingdom Come”.

Our musical guests turned our eyes heavenward with their gift of song and the Hillsong Teams led us as we celebrated REVIVAL, being YOUNG and FREE and falling more in love with Jesus than ever.

On our last morning together, Pastor Craig Groeschel solidified all that we had been hearing during the week when he spoke into people a “permission commission”. It was a message that released us all to see our limits and failures not as hindrances, but as a necessary part of the journey to unlocking the dreams of our hearts, the life in our churches and the windows of heaven’s secrets on earth.

“The pathway to your greatest potential is through your greatest fear.” – Craig Groeschel

I don’t know about you but that statement right there suddenly gives our fears a different face. Perhaps you returned home this week to a difficult situation at home or an enormous challenge in your personal life or ministry – but if you look at it as a doorway through to your hopes and dreams rather than diversions and obstacles, then things take on a completely new perspective. When we embrace our limitations, when we put JESUS at the centre – we discover the capacity to overcome and press on, the patience to endure and the courage to believe. Revival really did capture our hearts as we sought to know more of Him, and less of us.

And now, the journey continues…

Acts 4:12 declares, “There is no other name by which we’ve been saved…”

There are a lot of names that are historically loud. Names that carry significance. Yet, throughout history there is NO OTHER NAME that carries life, truth, depth, salvation and power than the name of JESUS. As our team begins to dream for Hillsong Conference 2014 we are declaring NO OTHER NAME over your home, family, life and ministry and we pray that you would consider joining us once again as we gather, united, to lift up the name above all names – JESUS.


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