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How to be Less Creative.... Welcome to Opposite Day

Aug 23 2013

1. Be the most creative person you know.

The key here is to make sure the people around you are pretty settled and comfortable and locked into lives where the biggest creative challenge is sorting the recycling. This will help you feel like you're a world class creative. If possible, surround yourself with people who will only tell you what you want to hear. This is really important. It's critical to surround yourself with people who offer no constructive criticism or feedback of your work. The goal is to have a complete and total vacuum around you where no sharpening of your creative gift can occur. Perfect.

2. Don't ever get uncomfortable.

Ooooooooh boy. Getting uncomfortable is just flat out dangerous. Who knows what might happen?? Nope nope nope – much better just to stay in your happy place, driving from home to work to home to work and maybe to the same cafe where you'll see the same people everyday, who do the same thing everyday, who you can talk with about the same things everyday. Perfect! Don't bother yourself with new environments or mediums of creativity. Stay away from fresh & interesting locations or people groups that might require a bit of effort. And at all costs avoid new paradigms and different ways of thinking. It's just too risky.

3. Just give your leftover time to creativity.

After all, there's too much ACTUAL work to be done, right? I mean, all this creative stuff is fine and is definitely a priority, but probably after everything else is already done. The most effective part of your day is clearly designed to respond to other people's needs and requests, read reports, attend to email & meetings, or any number of things that make you feel like you've achieved something with the day. Once all that's done and dusted, then feel free to fill in the rest of your spare time (or whatever's left of it) with creative pursuits.

4 Wait until conditions are perfect.

Wait till you have everything you need. I think a new keyboard, pen, desk, journal, writing space, studio, pedal, or anything else will make a masssssssive difference to the quality of your creative output. Such a difference, in fact, that you're probably better off waiting till you have that before you start. And there's no point starting it on a Friday afternoon, what with the weekend and all. Wait till next week & start fresh. Especially if it's that thing coming up that you know will require your full attention

5 Aim small.

Absolutely. Measurable. Manageable. Attainable. All those great adjectives. Strategic is a good one to throw in as well. Why reach for the stars when you're only really likely to hit the clouds? After all, that's the furthest anyone else has gotten, and who are you to think you'll be able or go any further. Much much much better to set a more reasonable goal you can actually hit, right? Right. So forget about writing that song or learning how to mix or getting published. Dreams are for dreamers… And look what happens to them! Joseph even got thrown in a pit! Something else may have happened to him later, but I'm not quite sure.

Much better off to just keep your feet on the ground and concentrate on avoiding change/risks, and anything else that may induce something out of the ordinary.

So yeah… My best tips ‘n’ tricks to stay exactly where you are. Good luck!