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How You Can Help Your Church Flourish

Aug 26 2013

‘But the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly, multiplied and grew exceedingly mighty…’ (Exodus 1:7)

Human nature, when left to its own devices, is prone to settling down and becoming comfortable. The biggest enemy to a flourishing life is complacency, which is why every believer and every church needs a commitment to maintain and empower the momentum.

The fact is that healthy things grow, so one of my highest priorities is to keep our church healthy. It is complacency that makes Christianity and church life dull and mediocre, but it is momentum that keeps people moving forward to the next level. As Senior Pastor of a growing church, here are five things that I believe you can do to help your church flourish.

• Your testimony – The Apostle Paul describes believers as ‘living epistles’ who are ‘known and read by all men.’ When your life is flourishing in God, others will be inspired by your testimony and example.

• Your attention – There is nothing more rewarding than preaching to a receptive congregation. Don’t allow yourself to go through the motions at church, but always be hungry for the Word of God.

• Your presence – Would you be missed if you didn’t make it to church? The reality is that those who are growing in God not only attend church, they presence themselves there and contribute to the atmosphere.

• Your gifts and talents – God uses the different strengths and talents of individuals to add to the church. You have unique gifts that can build your local church.

• Your health – Every church needs a core of people who are spiritually healthy. Their words and example bring life and energy to the church. Believe for God to bless you with a healthy spirit, mind and body so you are unhindered in serving Him.

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