Is History Repeating Itself?

Oct 2 2013

Is history repeating itself?

When I was in high school, I remember Hillsong UNITED being the soundtrack to our lives, as much as the songs belonged to the band, they belonged to us. The songs would be introduced on a Friday night, and we would be so hungry to meet with God that we would sing the same chorus over and over and over again. They made way for us to encounter the presence of Jesus. They made way for Jesus to come in and give us meaning to our existence and they made way for Jesus to define our futures.

10-15 years later, UNITED continue to innovate, push creative boundaries and give expression to our great God for all He is worth. AND TODAY, we're giving another youth generation an opportunity to express their hearts cry!! We are making a stand for this generation to be marked by freedom. We wanted to sing and we wanted to dance. We wanted people to express their joy, and so our songwriters, who ARE the young people, have written these songs for their friends to do just that.

For those of us who have been around long enough, it's almost as if history is repeating itself, only that it’s very clear that GOD IS DOING A NEW THING.

Psalm 145 says that “each generation tells STORIES of your mighty acts” and so what will this generation of youth today be remembered for?

What is it that will be their “story”?

How about a generation who are YOUNG AND FREE.


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