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Day 14: Building Great Relationships

Jan 14 2014

Do you remember we talked about how relationships are foundational to life? The most important of them all is your relationship with God. This has the power to impact every other relationship in your life, but if you know God and put Him first, then the potential for all your other connections to be a strength and blessing to you is greatly increased.
Whatever you prioritise in your life will be strengthened. So when you put your relationships first then they will prosper.

Psalm 84:5 reminds me that there is a link between our relationship with God and the road to a full and overcoming life. God created us for intimate relationship with Him. Once sin entered, that potential was all but lost. Yet God took personal responsibility to restore our chance for intimacy with Him by sending His precious Son – Jesus.

Acknowledging who Jesus is and what He did is the key to restoring your connection with God and to building great relationships in your life.

How is your relationship with God today? Does it take first place in your life? Perhaps the busyness of daily life has crowded it out of your thoughts and time. Set aside a few moments each day to spend time in His presence and build the most important relationship you will ever have.

Blessed are those who find strength in you. Their hearts are on the road that leads to you. (GW)

PRAYER: Father God, help me to put You first in my life so that all of my relationships can grow from strength to strength. Help me to sow friendship, companionship and faith across the entire spectrum of my life so that I can both experience and be a channel of Your blessing.