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Day 20: Finding Wisdom

Jan 20 2014

A litmus test for how much you value and believe the Word of God is how much you prize and seek after obtaining godly wisdom.

According to Proverbs 8:11 wisdom is the most valuable thing anyone can acquire. “Wisdom is better than rubies, and all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her.”

Proverbs 4:7 tells us, “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom”! If we are told to GET WISDOM, that means it is available to us. It also means we have to do something if we want it. When a mother calls out at dinnertime, “Come and get it!” it doesn’t mean your meal will arrive in your lap without a move. She’s telling you to get up from what you are doing and go and get your meal. In the same way, if you want to find wisdom you have to be deliberate about getting it, about seeking after it.

Are you standing at a crossroad in your life wondering which way to go? How do you make your decision? Have you asked God for His wisdom in the situation?

Jesus spoke about two gates that lead to two different destinations – a narrow and a wide gate. One leads to life, the other to death. This is where wisdom is pivotal to your future.

1 Cor 1:30 tells us that God made Jesus to be wisdom for us. Wisdom is available to us whenever we seek it and it is found in Jesus and His Word. In John 14:6 Jesus said, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life”.

Take a moment to meditate these verses about wisdom and make it a habit to seek after Godly wisdom each and every day: Eph 1:15-21, 1 Cor 3:18-23, James 1:5, James 3:13-18.

Father God, Wisdom is found in You. Give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation so I can truly know You in ever-increasing measure and discover Your path for my life.