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Day 5: Dealing Wisely

Jan 5 2014

The blessed man in Psalm 112 guided his affairs with discretion – this includes dealing graciously, having integrity and using Godly wisdom.

Life is built line upon line, decision upon decision. That’s why the foundation you begin with is so important. As we saw yesterday, the person who wants to live a successful life must live from a place of conviction and stability. When your life is set on solid foundations of belief in God and trust in His Word, your outlook is clearer and your direction established.

Just as the man who built his house upon the sand lost everything when storms came, if you build your life on anything apart from God, your reference point toward the future is unstable – eventually things begin to unravel. A wise person has firm foundation. They are the one to whom others look for guidance and direction.

If you always look to others to meet your needs, they can control you. Furthermore, you can’t do much to help others when you consistently need help yourself – you cannot give what you do not own. But ownership puts you in a position to help others.

Life is full of choices and depending on which choices you make will determine the course your life takes. But God’s way will always point you in the direction of His purpose and fulfilment.

Perhaps you think you’ve gone too far down the wrong road, made too many bad decisions to ever live a life of wisdom and discretion. Maybe you feel like you’ve completely lost your way and can’t find the way out…

Don’t despair! It’s NEVER too late to make the change and choose God’s path for your life. His way is Jesus (John 14:6) and His Word is the light that shows you the direction to go (Psalm 119:105). God’s grace will begin to relocate you onto the right road and establish your life on a foundation that will stand in a time of storms and teach you how to make wise decisions for the future – a blessed life!

Look to the Bible for guidance and wisdom. Pray and talk with God every day, ask Him to reveal His purposes and direction for your life.

A good man deals graciously and lends; He will guide his affairs with discretion.

PRAYER: God, give me the discretion and wisdom to deal with everything life throws at me. May I hunger and thirst for your Word, so that when the storms come, I am firmly anchored and guided by Your wisdom.