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Excitement for Colour

Feb 18 2014

My heart is pounding and my spirit is so expectant as our annual Colour Conference in Sydney is almost here. From our first ever Colour I knew that this was something special, unique and prophetic. Together with many others, I’ve had the honour to watch God do something in our generation of women through this Colour Sisterhood movement that we could never have imagined. And here’s the best part: I don’t think we’ve even begun.

There is such a sense of expectation and anticipation that God is doing a new thing. Not more of the same old thing, but an entirely different new thing. Only God Himself can remain exactly the same and be doing an absolutely new thing. We have never been a gathering of women that wants to preserve the old, instead we endeavour to provide a fertile environment where new dreams can be birthed, new relationships forged, new partnerships formulated, new faith discovered, new hope imparted and new direction revealed.

I’m believing that God is going to renew us all no matter where we are on our spiritual journey. Many will find a new story in His. Others will find new life as they are born again. And others new hopes, dreams, friendships, tenacity, endurance and purpose. Whether this is your first or 18th Colour, come ready to behold that God is doing a new thing. We will perceive it if we are looking for it, both within is and around us.

I know Sydney has reached capacity but I want to encourage you to find a way to get to either London or Cape Town because you will find God ready to meet you. I love both of those conferences with a passion. Each has something so special that comes with being birthed in the soil of those two continents and yet they are entirely us. I love the “Colour season” around the globe and you know what? I know Jesus does too!!!

Can’t wait to see you there! Do what you can to be in London or Cape Town, we’ve made room for you.

Together, we are writing history.

With all of my love



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