Steven Furtick: I Know He Is, But What Am I?

Feb 26 2014

This is an excerpt from Crash The Chatterbox: Hearing the Voice of God Above All Others by Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church in Charlotte, USA. Learn more about the book and get your copy today at

One of the most powerful confessions you can ever learn to make starts like this: “God says I am ________.” Then get busy learning how to fill in the blank. The Bible is full of vivid descriptions of the kinds of labels you should wear as God’s child.

Once you’ve made the decision to build your assessment of yourself exclusively on God’s Word, the chatterbox loses its ability to trash-talk you into submission. And the more adept you become at talking smack back to the chatterbox, the more ingrained the reality of who you are will become.

Crashing the chatterbox is about learning to say things like this—out loud—daily.

God says…
…I am His masterpiece.
…I am His workmanship.
…I am established.
…I am sealed with His promise.
…I am redeemed.

These five are just to get you started. We could fill the rest of the pages of this book with these kinds of statements—all made by God Himself about who He made us to be—that He desires for us to accept and to believe.

Here’s the problem, though. You’re likely to find it a whole lot easier to believe the things God says about Himself than the things He says about you. Have you noticed this?

For example, in John 8:12 Jesus makes a bold statement about Himself: “I am the light of the world.” As bold as that statement is, followers of Christ accept it at face value. Of course He’s the light of the world. He’s Jesus, you know.

But guess what? The same Jesus who called Himself the light of the world had this to say about His followers: “You are the light of the world.”

Now, this I struggle with. There’s a lot of darkness in me. A lot of ignorance and a lot of impurity. The chatterbox reminds me of this frequently.

I believe God is holy and blameless. But when He calls me holy and blameless, I figure He must have me confused with somebody else. Yet He means exactly what He says. And the more I rehearse what He says about me, the more my activity will align with my true identity, the more I will become what God has already said I am.

I saw a commercial for a mobile phone company the other day. It showed people using their products in all kinds of different settings, and it ended with a great tag line: “It’s what you do with what we do.” In other words, we can manufacture the goods, but the way you put them to use determines their usefulness.

That’s what I’m trying to get across. God has created you, has given His Son for you, has sent His Spirit to live inside you—that’s what He’s done. He works miracles, He restores broken people, He uses the least likely and gives strength to the weak. He speaks truth over your life that is living and active. That’s what He does. But it’s what we do with what He does that determines our destiny.

So I confirm God’s calling on my life when I learn to affirm my identity in Him. And I activate my identity when I refuse lies and walk according to specific redemptive truth.

~ I don’t like myself very much in this moment, but I am loved.

~ I don’t seem to be gaining much ground in this battle, but I am more than a conqueror.

~ I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself right now, but I am strong and courageous.

~ I don’t know how to fix this part of my life, but I am healed and whole.

~ I don’t know how long I’ll continue to struggle with this sin, but I am forgiven and free.

How do I know? Because God says I am.

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