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So Here We Are!

Mar 10 2014

So here we are, entering yet another Colour Conference week, with only days to go. BLINK and suddenly we will be there. Twelve months of preparation and all the madness and stretch of the past few weeks, will dissolve into one reality now — WE ARE HERE! Gathered from far and wide, under one roof, with wide-eyed expectation of all GOD has prepared for us.

The lights will dim; production teams will utter one last prayer. The women will scream. I will get marginally annoyed that people (mostly my own team and pastors) are still standing and talking (ha) … but it will begin … and then as quickly as it began, it will be over, and we will be basking in the wonder and goodness of it all.

For those of you who will be gathered this year, I don’t know what your personal expectation is. I hope you have one (smile) and I hope that that expectation is pointed heavenward. We will do our best and give our best – but many years ago, I felt God lift some of the burden of this gathering. I felt Him reassure me that my role and responsibility was to simply “create the environment” that lifts the ceiling off women, and that He would do the rest.

My personal expectation and earnest prayer is that the Father will have His perfect Will in our midst. That Jesus will be loved and welcomed and honoured and exalted as never before. That the dear and beautiful and most Holy Spirit will be welcomed to teach and lead and reveal more of who we are and who He (Jesus) is. If this happens, then the rest of what needs to happen will happen.

Personally I am (almost) as prepared as I can be. As I write this piece on a Saturday afternoon, with the intent that it is posted come Monday, our amazing creative, production and event teams are working furiously to bring all the pieces together. I am so indebted to them and so grateful. I never have enough words, but I will forever and a day be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

So, as the afternoon shadows creep across my balcony, I want to pray over you … “I pray Father, that You will bless those coming this year, whether that be for the Sydney, Cape Town or London gatherings. I pray Lord that You will watch over and give them all safe passage. Bless their families, bless their churches, and bless the places where you have planted them. Help them to prepare their homes and families so they can come and relax into these few days together. Bless those who are new and coming for the first time, help them Lord, to quickly feel at home and feel included. Lord we love You, and we welcome You. Please come in all Your grace and splendour. Come be with us. Be exalted in our lives, our gathering, our conversations, and our worship. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. And Lord, please bless all our Eastern European sisters. Kiev may be cancelled this year only, but we know Father, that You have perfect and glorious plans for them and their planting. Their future is secure in You. So again Lord, we say we love You. Bless Your girls, bless those who will teach and impart into us, bless our worship teams – may they lead us into Your presence in ways that will leave us speechless and You honoured. Bless all the fun and laughter, moments and madness. And Lord, bless anyone else who may be reading this. In Your Name, Lord Jesus, Amen”.

Bobbie xox

See ya soon girlfriends of the earth!

(Oh, and as I wrote this, Cass texted from rehearsals to say, I quote “It’s going to be a great conference”! Wha-hoooooo)

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