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From the Studio to the Streets

Apr 23 2014

NEW HILLSONG WORSHIP ALBUM // From the Studio to the Streets. 

AW Tozer writes

“I want my worship of God to be real. I am not one for imitating the accoutrements of worship… I want to love God more than any person in my generation”

The studio… A place of creation, of long hours, too much coffee, rich community and worship! We have been living here of late. Under the watchful eye of Mikey Chislett (producer), our songwriters and musicians, worship leaders and vocalists have demoed tracks, crafted arrangements and refined songs in order to give expression to what we can grasp of our God. There is much to be done to get songs to a point where we can introduce them into the life of our church. The process started way before we recorded them. This little video is aimed to give you a sneak peek… This is us getting ready!!!!

Every July, the annual Hillsong Worship album is released. Today, Jay Argaet and our creative comms team will shoot the album cover (watch @hillsong and @hillsonglive to be a part of it). Autumn Hardman, Droff and our musicians are recording instrument parts videos. Our film teams, under the watchful eye of Ben Field, are creating lyric videos and worship leader resource. The finishing touches are coming together. Soon you too can join with us in expressing our shared Faith in Jesus.

So… we have been recording the audio live in church for this CD (this year we are excited to be recording the DVD live at Hillsong Conference Sydney in July — you are welcome to join us if you can!!!). Each Sunday night in February and March we worshipped and hit record as Reuben, Joel, Ben Fielding, Taya, Annie, Matt Crocker, David Ware, Jad Gillies, Marty Sampson, Jay Cooke, and others led the church. There has been a real sense of anticipation amongst our team, our church, and friends across different denominations. I believe that our writers have given us some unique songs that, God-willing, will be a gift for our generation… that we may truly love The Lord and respond to His Majesty.

We are praying these songs inspire worship from city centers to regional outposts, in towns and villages, mountains and valleys, across the breadth of the church, and that the world would resound with praises fitting of Jesus, for truly there is No Other Name.