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Heidi's Story

May 26 2014

At the close of Colour 2013, there birthed a real excitement and passion to get involved with the 500 project. I wasn’t sure how it would be done but I knew some GIRLS WITH SWORDS, thanks Lisa Bevere! :), who had the same heart and I knew would get fired up as well about these needs.

So last year, I sent an email to my Beckton Sisterhood connect group (Hillsong London) girls, asking them to vote on which project we’d be supporting but when the votes flooded in, there was a tie for FIVE projects! I didn’t want to choose between them since they had all received equal votes, so we chose to support all of them in that coming year.

Those were:
1) First Steps to Freedom – A21
2) Keep a Girl in School – Watoto
3) Pencils & Paper & Lessons with Love – Vision Rescue
4) School for a New Start – She Rescue
5) Read Baby Read – Hillsong Africa Foundation

So, what ended up happening was a year long culmination of events: a gruelling walk from London to Brighton, a clothes swap, a Breast Cancer Bake Sale, a fabulous tea cruise on the Thames, a couple of table top sales and a pub quiz and the year long result was a total of £772.03! 

Many of these ideas came to fruition from the Be the Change green book that was distributed at last year’s Colour, along with basement brainstorming with my local area Sisterhood leader, not forgetting a great deal of guidance and enthusiastic support from our top Sisterhood lady leader.

So, what is left to say? I can say that it was certainly a very emotional experience turning in the finalised money at Colour, something you monitor and publicise over a full calendar year, then to turn it over … well, it felt good but also sad and sentimental because the 500 project for 2013 is now done and dusted!

It’s now time for a #resetbabyreset! We’re now voting again for our 2014 500 Project and this year I’m believing God do even greater things and where He’s in it, we know the possibilities are endless!

Heidi Maduhu