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New Seasons & Pioneering Again

May 23 2014

When Darlene Zschech moved on from her role as Hillsong Worship Pastor, following God’s leading to pastor Hope Unlimited Church alongside her husband, Mark, a new season began for our Hillsong Creative team. Joel Houston and Reuben Morgan took the reigns as Creative Directors, along with Cass Langton, who stepped into a new role that included the management and coordination of the department.

The change of leadership was reflected in our albums, with albums ‘This Is Our God’ and ‘Faith + Hope + Love’ imbued with a fresh style and sound that continued into the most recent Hillsong Worship albums, A Beautiful Exchange, God is Able, Cornerstone and Glorious Ruins.

As a creative team, this freshness led to a focus on placing people in ‘right fit’ positions that corresponded with God’s stirring in their hearts, leading to Joel Houston taking his place in the leadership team that planted Hillsong NYC in 2010, Reuben and Sarah Morgan relocating to London in 2012 to lead the creative team there and Cass and Rich Langton stepping into the role of Global Creative Pastors.

As the DNA of our Sydney ‘home base’ creative team was established in Hillsong churches across the earth as our local message became global and we also strengthened our friendships with like-minded worshippers such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Brian and Jenn Johnson, Kari Jobe and Israel Houghton.

Now, with three generations of faithfulness as our worship heritage, our Hillsong creative team is blessed with a breadth and depth of worship leaders that extend far beyond the few recognised faces of years gone by. People like Matt Crocker, Ben Fielding, David Ware, Hannah Hobbs, Eric Lijlero, Annie Garratt, Nigel Hendroff and Autumn Hardman all take their place in our team, strengthening us as we look to the season upon us and resolve to pioneer again.

As a team we have always sought, and will always seek to bring worship to the One whose Name is above all names… Jesus. We pray that our songs would be those that do not prioritise being cool or relevant, or musically clever, or theological grandstanding, above simply allowing God His rightful place in our worship. That Jesus would be the One who gets seen and that, through worship, people would connect with Him.

Having always been committed to building the local church, we are convinced that part of our purpose is to champion passionate and genuine worship of our Lord Jesus Christ in local churches right across the globe. Looking to the future, we hope to do our part in resourcing local church worship teams across the many denominational faces of The Church, as we all learn from each other. Therefore what we’ve known as Hillsong LIVE from now on will be called Hillsong Worship.