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10 Things I've Learned about Leading a Creative Team (#11 is my favourite)

Jun 27 2014

Cass Langton oversees our creative staff and volunteers globally; this includes all our Worship Teams, Production, and Film & TV teams. That’s a lot of “creative types” to lead!!

We asked her to share 10 quick tips on leading a creative team, simple thoughts she’s learnt along the way. Here’s what she had to say;


1. As creatives, we are evangelists. We tell stories of God’s faithfulness using all kinds of mediums to help open people’s hearts to the Gospel.

2. It takes hard work, commitment and talent to achieve great results – just because we are the Church doesn’t mean we should be second rate. God deserves our best.

3. Everything’s better with laughter and food.

4. You need a commitment to finding people’s talents and where they fit, in order to unleash the gifts God has placed within the body of Christ.

5. Every idea has merit. It’s what you discard and what you keep that makes all the difference.

6. Create a safe place for collaboration and don’t be afraid of different ideas. Iron sharpens iron.

7. Worship is everything we are, all we bring and all we offer… Allow people to sacrifice out of their own life for the greater good… It’s sacrifice that allows our offering to become worship and not mere entertainment.

8. Create a can-do culture where there’s satisfaction in what we can achieve together, all to the Glory of God. Start with yes then work backwards.

9. Allow people to belong and help them to see where they can contribute. creatives need community to flourish. Solitude is good for creativity, but only to a point.

10. There’s a difference between the dreamers and doers and both have a valid and valuable place in the kingdom.

A little creativity with my 10 tips means we end on my favourite!!

11. None of this matters if it’s just for creativity alone. Always keep the main thing the main thing… Jesus



And now, it’s over to you. Have you found any of these tips to be true in your own team? What would your best tip be? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.