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3 Hillsong College Essentials

Jun 11 2014

What makes Hillsong College unique?

Here are 3 essential elements unique to Hillsong College.

1.  Leadership

Leadership is vital to guiding and modeling the values, beliefs and convictions that shape us at Hillsong Church. You’ve heard the phrase, “more is caught than taught”, but the truth be known, both elements (taught and caught) are what make discipleship powerful. A student’s interaction with our Pastoral staff and the church community will help shape their values, beliefs and convictions to the life and calling that God has ordained for them. “I want you to get out there and walk- better yet, run!- on the road God called you to travel.” (Eph 4:1-2 Message)

2.  Creativity

Creativity and innovation play a significant role in keeping the Gospel message fresh and relevant. Hillsong College looks at new and exciting ways of presenting the Gospel, both within Church and outside of Church. Creativity is essential for the mission that the Church is called to in reaching people. It keeps Sunday relevant to Monday and tradition relevant to mission. Students engage with the creative areas within Hillsong Church, encouraging them to release creativity as Christian leaders. “Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with you own life.” (Gal 6:5 Message)

3.  Word

Right believing leads to right living! Bible/theology subjects are core within each award (Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree) at Hillsong College. Better than telling a student “what” to think, is to teach a student “how” to think. Bible/theology classes reach across a wide breadth of beliefs and convictions relevant to the Body of Christ today. We value and appreciate the diversity of denominations, people and doctrines that contribute to the greater Body. We believe that your doctrines and beliefs will propel you into an exciting God given future. “Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us.” (2 Tim 3:17 Message)

Students outwork what they learn daily as they engage with Hillsong Church’s ministries and initiatives. This makes learning theoretical and practical. It produces good orthodoxy (beliefs) and responsible orthopraxy (right living).  Leadership, Creativity and Word are 3 essential elements in “raising, equipping, and empowering generations of young, anointed leaders from across the globe.” (Brian Houston: The Church I Now See)


Lee Burns

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