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Julie's Story

Whilst attending Colour, I watched a short piece on petite sisterhood and a fire was ignited for our petite sisters back home in Coffs Harbour. Bursting with passion and vision I contacted our Children’s Pastor  during the break, knowing she has a passion for our girls as well. We arranged a meeting when I arrived home and so began a new era in petite sisterhood at Lifehouse Church Coffs Harbour. 

 Our vision ‘To empower girls in our community with value and self worth, for every girl is precious and uniquely loved’. Our goal is to hold a themed petite sisterhood once every school holidays.

In April, just gone, our first petite sisterhood was successfully held. The theme, a Blossom Tea Party. An age appropriate high tea style afternoon with fun activities such as dance, worship, face-painting and craft. Also incorporated into afternoon was a Christ centred message associated with our theme and a short message on our offering.

It was an amazing afternoon with an enthused team of volunteers and over 40 primary aged girls attending. Each bringing a gold coin donation towards 500 project, ‘Keep a Girl in School’ and our house mission ‘The Railway Kids a Project, India’.

We are now preparing for our next Petite Sisterhood.

I just want to encourage people to step out boldly. Listen to the gentle whisper of the Spirit. If God is going to give you a vision, he will sure enough give you the provision.