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New Songs Bringing New Life

Jun 12 2014

There are seasons in church life when you can really sense that God is up to something. For me, the last 12 months have been one of those seasons.

As a creative team we ended last year knowing that God was taking us out to the unknown, to a place we’d not been before. Then at the start of this year, when Pastor Brian spoke about “Pioneering Again” my senses were heightened – I knew we were heading for something special.

What could this new season bring? What would this “pioneering again” look like?

As it has turned out, it’s looked a lot like all that’s come before, except with new focus and energy…. but also with new songs.

*“Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.” – Psalm 96:1*

This new season has brought with it incredible new songs. Songs that resonate with me like never before… and we’ve had some great songs in the past.

But the songs this year are special.

They’re beautiful, heartfelt and reverent.

They’re full of joy and life and scripture.

They’re helping us to stop looking to the things of this world, the trouble that inevitably comes, and setting our sights on Jesus.

I’m so proud of our team who’ve come together in such incredible collaboration. They’ve put aside themselves and embraced the team, all the while, focusing on Jesus and how best to help people connect with Him.

We’ve always been a worshipping church and we’ve always had a strong focus on sharing the songs that God allows us to write.

So as we journey toward the release of the album, I’m expectant and hopeful. My prayer is that the songs from ‘No Other Name’ will travel wide and far. I’m believing that they will touch lives and inspire true and heartfelt worship. I pray they will lead people to the scriptures and that they will help to open the eyes of the blind.

We’ve seen God do amazing things in the past – may He continue to do so as we seek to follow Him into the unknown like never before.

Rich Langton