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He's Speaking - An Invitation to Hillsong Conference 2015

Jul 11 2014

How does one capture the prophetic imagination of a body of believers and a growing Church on the earth? How do we frame a timeless message and a Gospel of Love that has transcended and transformed for centuries. How do we, as the hosts of a conference that gathers the broad and diverse Body of Christ, give expression to yet another year, another layer and another chapter in the story?

The past two years have positioned us amid two powerful declarations — that of REVIVAL and that of HIS NAME.

THIS IS REVIVAL was a call to awaken. The Holy Scriptures, the prophets of old and the legends of our faith, exhort us all to the significance of our calling and our appointed hour.

NO OTHER NAME however cannot be likened to a campaign or clarion call. There is no other name under heaven or upon earth by which men are saved. That Name is JESUS and Jesus will always be central to who we are and all we seek to do. No Other Name will forever frame our lives – yet beyond the Twenty-fourteen conference gathering lies another twelve months, another year, another season to steward and take hold of.

So with that in mind, we step from the stance of boldness, authority and knowing that there is NO OTHER NAME, to the humility of bended knee and inclined ear. We step yet again, to a place of complete and utter dependence upon His Spirit to speak to us.

In 1 Samuel 3:10 is says, “The LORD came and stood there, calling as at the other times, Samuel! Samuel! Then Samuel said, ‘Speak, for your servant is listening’”.

SPEAK, WE’RE LISTENING – is a declaration that we are indeed, listening.

Like Samuel, the LORD has come many times, spoken many times and (hopefully) had our response many times, but this is an eternal conversation that involves not only personal relationship, but also the wellbeing and salvation of others. In the midst of a world saturated with voices and noise, the Voice we long for is His.

We are trusting God’s Spirit to enable us to create the most perfect gathering in 2015. As always we will labour to bring the finest Bible teachers, Kingdom-inspirers and creative-innovators to the Hillsong Conference, in order that you, your family and your team are blessed. Our prayer is that the Church, local and global, will continue to rise in her full stature and that the Harvest He longs for will not be disappointed.

“Speak Lord, we’re listening” is perfect language and a perfect stance for what lies ahead.

We trust you will join us – the invitation is yours.

With love and affection,

Brian & Bobbie Houston

Sydney. London. USA.