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#mystreetcares First Step Actions

Aug 26 2014

At Colour this year, Bobbie launched a new tool in our toolkit, which was all about gathering, equipping and mobilising our neighbourhoods to care and concern. Anyone remember the paint cans??

Some of you have been doing amazing things, connecting with neighbours, building community and generally being the change, but I must admit I was one of those who took my tin home intending to do something about this and it has sat in my house nagging at my conscience!

So when Bobbie asked me, how are our girls going with this project? I had to admit to myself that perhaps there were a few more girls like me who just needed those first steps laid out for them so that they knew that this concept wasn’t nearly as scary as it seemed!

So as a local Hillsong Sisterhood we created 9 little “first step” action cards, which are all things that anyone could do in any context to connect with their street or neighbourhood. We gave them out last week and our hope is that simply our girls will start to do SOMETHING! We will be rolling out some other simple methods of connecting into our streets over the next little while so if you are maybe one of the girls, like me, that needs a bit of a nudge to get going, please check out our our Colour Sisterhood website and maybe choose something that will work for you!

Click here to download your #mystreetcares First Step Action Cards


We are believing that the next few months of intentional focus and activity will produce much fruit amongst our own local neighbourhoods and community and we are believing that we will “shine our light” a little more brightly as Carl Lentz taught us so brilliantly to do at Colour!

Stay tuned for more updates!