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Why would anyone want to see a movie about us?

Aug 14 2014

“Why would anyone want to see a movie about us!?!?”

This was my response when some Hollywood producers approached us late last year with a proposal. A Hillsong movie. A story about the band, Hillsong UNITED, and the humble beginnings of a little church in Australia.

From then until now; much time, thought, preparation and prayer has gone into the journey – and as of today I can tell you that Warner Bros and Alcon entertainment have joined with these producers in expressing their desire and excitement to put a feature film into theatres next April that tells the story of God’s faithfulness on this 30 year journey.

The aim is to give people the world over the opportunity to experience the praise and worship that has been birthed in this House.

We aren’t naive enough to believe that it’s all going to be a ‘walk in the park’, but we have faith to believe that opening up our lives and portraying the journey with authenticity may just point people to the One we live for and long to glorify – Jesus.

Already we’ve seen God do what only He can by stirring the hearts of influential people in the film industry to ‘spiritual curiosity’ and opening doors of opportunity that we have never sought and could never have imagined.

So if you’re willing, join with us in sharing the news, the trailer, the heart and intent behind this film – and together let’s paint a picture of the power of the local church and the unfathomable grace of an almighty God.

With love, Brian