12 Worship Leading Essentials

Sep 30 2014

1. Be inclusive of everyone.
Make everyone on your team feel like they matter and that you’re in it together.

2. Set the right kind of atmosphere.
If you’ve had a crazy morning, pause and take a deep breath and leave the junk at the door. Don’t carry it with you into rehearsal/service with you, but set the atmosphere that you want for people!


3. Remember that your role is always about SERVING!
Like everyone else, your role is to serve God and people- you just happen to be the one leading and serving from the platform.

4. Push through nerves and fear.
It’s worth it and the more you do it the easier it will get.

5. Preparation is worship too!
Consider your preparation off platform part of your worship, and be diligent with it.  God deserves our very best, not our leftovers!

6. Grow your own personal leadership.
Be someone that people will want to follow off platform as well.  If people want to follow your example when you’re off the platform, they’ll want to follow your example when you’re leading on the platform too!

7. Be your authentic self!
God has made you unique, so don’t try to be someone else 🙂  Look like you, sound like you, and lead like you!

8. Let your countenance show that you love Jesus!
Remind your face that you are happy to worship God 🙂

9. Be a good steward of your gift…
Take care of your voice and work at getting better. Take lessons, warm-up properly, practice!

10. Speak purposefully.
When you speak in a service to encourage the congregation, let it be purposeful and biblical- not just your own thoughts!

11. Don’t only worship on Sundays.
Let your times of worship off the platform outnumber your “seen” ones on the platform.

12. Learn to laugh at your mistakes.
Don’t let them rock your confidence.

Annie 🙂