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500 Project: SHE Rescue Update

Sep 19 2014

The Colour Sisterhood is a movement of everyday girls who are convinced that they are on this earth to play a part in bringing solution to the problems that our world is facing. Over the years we have grown and matured as a conference, we have put our hands to many needs and seen light and solution come to dark corners of the world.

At Colour Conference, women choose to help make a difference through our 500 Projects. SHE Rescue Home project was one of our 500 Projects this year.  The SHE Rescue Home is an after-care shelter which is a safe house for girls aged between 5 and 16 who have been trafficked, or are at risk of this. SHE Rescue gives the girls a chance to live a changed life through education and opportunities and it aims to reintegrate them into their families and communities. In the SHE Rescue Home, girls receive high quality aftercare and care for their physical, psychological, medical and educational needs. $500 can send a girl in this SHE Rescue Home to school for a year or provide the support required to reintegrate one of these girls back into the community so that she can live a full and productive life.

As a result of your generous support, the SHE Rescue Home, this year, celebrated reintegrating 36 girls from a total of 51 girls who have come to the SHE Home. These girls learn how to read, write, and communicate and how to protect themselves, they receive primary and secondary education, vocational training and counselling for their psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Upon reintegration, these brave girls are able to successfully lead their lives and stand up tall in their communities. One of the girls is working at a café, one is hoping to go on to university to study law, and one who was once looked down in her community is viewed in a different light as she is the most educated person in her village!

Cases within the SHE Rescue Home have a 69% conviction rate of the perpetrators. With your enormous generosity, the Home has implemented the reintegration process with water wells, toilets, business start-ups, houses, land areas, house repairs, sewing machines and 19 families are earning fair trade wages through the family assistance program.

This has been possible because you have chosen to be compassionate in action. Thank you for being committed to see lives restored and allowing the girls to see, experience and be transformed by the love of God!

“God leads out the prisoners with singing…” Psalm 68:6a