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Annie Garratt's No Other Name setlist

Sep 30 2014

Hey everyone!

As mentioned in the newsletter, here’s my setlist idea for you! Hope you find it helpful!

Annie 🙂


If you’re thinking about using any new ‘No Other Name’ songs in your church, or just curious to know how some of our key Hillsong Worship leaders use them in their setlists, here are some ideas for you!

Annie Garratt’s suggested setlist from No Other Name:

Alive (E)
Our Father (E)
Calvary (E)
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) (F)

What kind of service is this setlist best suited for?
I would use this for a morning service at our Hills campus. These services have a very diverse demographic of people;  families, young and old, people from every walk of life. These services would not be described as a “youth” service but are still full of life. I chose this set because it’s got great variety to it and would help engage a congregation of all ages!

Would you ask your co-worship leader to lead any sections or songs, and why?
If I had a male co-leader, I would have him lead ‘Alive’ to help me carry the set, vocally.

Please explain the arrangement and journey of your setlist.
I think it’s great to start with an upbeat praise song to engage the congregation and lift the service. I love to lead the church in ‘Our Father’ because it’s focused around prayer and the Word!

With songs 2 and 3 being in the same key, it allows for a smooth transition at the end of ‘Our Father’ into a down chorus of ‘Calvary’ to start that song. Ending with ‘Broken Vessels’ finishes the set list with a confession of thanksgiving.

Where are you trying to lead the congregation to, and how would you engage them to that end?
I just want to help point them to Jesus; to focus on Him and worship Him. During the worship set, I will often read a scripture that’s focused around praise & thanksgiving, to remind the church of the purpose behind what we are doing as we gather together and worship.


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