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Being the Change in the Everyday""

Sep 16 2014

For all the girls out there who are trying to think about how they can raise the funds for their 500 Project read Shauna’s story and be inspired!

Thank you Shauna for inspiring us to be the change with our everyday!

Dear Colour Sisterhood,

I just received in the post the 500 Project magnet and a hand written ‘thank you’ note for the 500 Project that I did this year – thank you for that! It was actually a very thoughtful gesture.

I decided that this year I was going to commit to doing my own 500 Project as I hadn’t last year and hadn’t been involved in anyone’s either. They started to speak about the ‘Keep a Girl in School Project’. There are girls in Uganda who drop out of school when they start their periods because they don’t have sanitary towels and underwear, consequently they don’t go to school when they are on their period and miss so much that they just drop out and therefore receive no education.

The following Sunday morning I was praying and asking God how I was going to do this, £500 is a lot of money. He popped the most perfect idea into my head! Every time I buy sanitary products for myself, put the equivalent of that money into the 500 Project, it will be like I’m buying the same things for one of my girlfriends in Uganda. This way too, the girls will always be in my mind, and I can always pray for them and think of them whilst every month buying the things I need.

I shared this with some ladies close to me and how God had stirred my heart.  Eight girls decided to commit to the project for the year, and some others who felt they couldn’t do the whole year and so gave a one off donation.

Two days before Colour, I checked the account we were paying the money into and we had raised £700!!!  God stirred something in my heart, birthed the idea of how to raise the money and provided above and beyond what we were aiming for or could have imagined!

So this year I will be doing the 500 Project again for ‘Keep a Girl in School’, and have been thinking of ways to raise the money, and I feel inspired to aim for £1000 this year.

I just wanted to share how amazing God is!


Shauna x

For more information on the 500 Project have a look at