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How You Can Help Your Creative Pastor

Sep 24 2014

As a creative team, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to innovate, to grow, to move forward and to pioneer again. We are a team who happen to be led by incredible leaders, but the only way that we will be able to go where God has called us to go is by each of us doing our part to carry the load we have been given. Part of this is to get better at helping our leaders and helping them carry their load!


Speaking from my own experience, here are 10 ways that you can really help your Creative Pastor 🙂

1. Be Present
There should no longer be conversation about whether or not you belong. You are a valuable part of the team, and you are capable of bringing others into the family (don’t just leave that up to your leaders!).

2. Promote Unity
We are a team who esteem one another, celebrating that we are family, and it is our responsibility to make this team family. When there are conflicts, we don’t chat amongst ourselves about them, but we address them directly.

3. We Are “The Guys” Now
There is no selective group of people chosen and capable of carrying this team. We are all equally called, equipped, and responsible!  If we find ourselves on the team right now, then it’s up to us to push it forward!

4. Help Others Belong
If you are a part of our team, it is because at one point, someone took it upon themselves to welcome you in and find your place where you could serve and grow. It is now your responsibility to do the same for others.

5. If It’s Broken, Fix It
It is easy as a part of a team to look around and point out things that don’t work. It is our job to not only notice those things, but take responsibility for creating solutions, so that the entire team will benefit!

6. Create A New Normal
Think beyond the bounds of anything we have ever done before. A new normal means that our capacity is expanded to create room for more people to be involved. It means different sounding songs. It means using your specific gift and helping others find theirs.

7. Jump In Past The Point of No Return
In order to move forward, we need to take risks, leaving all the cards on the table and knowing that it very well could fail, but casting everything on God. There is no plan B, so give it absolutely everything.

8. Encourage Your Leaders
Your leaders are not superheroes. Actually, sometimes they feel as insecure in their leadership as you might in yours . Encouragement is circular, what you give often you will see in return. Make it your mandate that when your leader wins, you also win.

9. Carry More
If you want to see the team move forward, you have to sacrifice yourself. Have a willingness to look for something additional you could do or bring. Say yes when you really want to say no. Force yourself to grow your capacity.

10. Stop ‘Helping’ Your Creative Pastor
Instead of constantly asking “How can I help you?”, start thinking “If I was my creative pastor, what would I be unhappy with?”  Then find solutions to the problems you find. Own your team.

We are all in this together, equally carrying the load. As we choose to lift our own leadership as individuals, we will see the team go to places that we never dreamed that it ever could!