Life and Lessons from the Studio

Mikey Chislett is our resident music producer. He has produced the music for many of our projects and songs, including recent Hillsong Worship, United and Young & Free albums. Besides being extremely gifted as a musician and producer, he brings fresh perspective and fosters creative collaboration within our team.

We asked him to share some quick practical lessons he’s learned from life in the studio and here’s what he had to say…


1. Try to always work with passionate, positive people.

2. Value your first reactions to a song.

3. Try to only work on music that you actually believe in.

4. Respect the chemistry and culture amongst the people you are working with.

5. The more you listen to a song you are working on, the less likely you are to hear it like the average listener would.

6. Make sure your surroundings are designed to help you create.

7. Either love (new) music or don’t create it!

8. Plan break times wisely – a quick break for dinner might just save the song. Sometimes, you just need time away from it to gain perspective.

9. The lead vocal is the first thing to draw the average person in, so always keep it the focus.

10. People are drawn to honesty and conviction. Fashion and excitement will always HELP the song but not MAKE the song.