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#mystreetcares in Noosa, Australia

Sep 22 2014

The girls in Noosa have been leading the charge in Australia with the #mystreetcares campaign, here are some of the things that they have been doing, maybe there is something that will inspire you to reach out to your neighbourhood and make a difference.


We have girls giving flowers to neighbours to say thank you for organising the yearly street party, in one street where a house was for sale one of the girls popped a note in the letterbox to wish them all the best in their move. Another lady’s husband decided he needed to get on board and both of them went across the street to welcome in new neighbours, the new neighbour was a man who came from the same place that he grew up in in the UK and so a unique connection was established straight away after the first conversation. Another woman made a meal for a family who she had heard were unwell, and she had a lovely thank you; the mum saying that no one had ever done that before.

I had a lovely text last night telling me of how one of our girls has taken to walking her dog slowly around the street in the hope of bumping into someone, which she has and she was able to have a chat.

One of our young Sisterhood girls aged 12 decided she would send a text to a few girls just encouraging them, and telling them how much they were loved by God. This appears to have had a great impact on those who received it and one young girl said she had never been told anything like that before and that it meant so much to her.

Others are continuing to pray and looking for opportunities to arise.

Love and kindness is a very powerful thing isn’t it?


Thank you to all the girls in Noosa who have taken this concept on board… we are believing to see amazing stories as the months progress!

Maybe you just need a first step to get you started? Check out our first steps action blog to get some ideas how you can make your street a better place one step at a time. Click here for #mystreetcares First Steps Action Cards