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#mystreetcares Summer in London, UK

Sep 26 2014

At Colour Conference this year, Bobbie gave every women a beautiful paint can to remind us to ‘colour our world with love’. She encouraged us, those who have experienced the amazing gift of love and grace of God, to move out into our neighbourhoods, with love, care and concern for the people living next door and for the people on our streets. It might look like learning our neighbours’ names or arranging a street party, everything with the purpose of building connections around friendship and community and ‘shining the light’ in our streets.

The girls at Hillsong Sisterhood in London have done an incredible job this summer, by organising street parties with BBQ’s, coffee and dessert nights all around the cause of loving your neighbour. Anything is possible with a little friendship and connection! A few women arranged a petite baking party by gathering young girls and preparing a baking master class for them. The girls baked cupcakes and cookies hand packaged them into little bags with a card to give to the elderly neighbours as the start of My Street Cares. How wonderful to know that our little girls are being raised with a sense of love, purpose and calling!

A Sisterhood Connect Group collected food items for women and children who have escaped from domestic violence and are currently in a refuge. Another group of people are making a huge impact in helping the Platt Centre build a transitional home for the elderly who are discharged from hospital but are not well enough to take care of themselves. They have initiated a simple challenge of filling a Smartie box with £1 coins (total £30) and they have given away 100 boxes and are still collecting!

These are just some of the things that we’ve done in partnership with local organisations across London, Surrey and Kent this summer, as a blessing to the communities around:

· Visit to many elderly homes

· Street parties with coffee and dessert nights

· Shine training for women

· 5K Run/Race for life – attached to a cause.

· Clothes swap at the Platt Centre

· Made with love- Cupcakes for a 500 Project

· Collection of toiletries for the local homeless.

· Cakes for Goodness Sake: a community event at the local Anglican Church

The stories keep coming from Hillsong Sisterhood London and continue to inspire us to step out of our comfort zones and start organising what we can do with what’s in our hand. If you are inspired to do something this season for #mystreetcares jump on to to find more ideas that will help you start doing some amazing things on your street. The Sisterhood team has come up with easy, practical and achievable steps that will help you get on board. If you are doing this on your street, please share your stories using the #mystreetcares or email us.  Your stories might just inspire another girl to be brave and colour their world with love.