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Kim's Story

I have been coming to Colour Conference for over 10 years and I have always been challenged by the Sisterhood Sessions so I decided to use what was in my hand to reach my 500 Project goal. For the past 18 months I have been planning small girlfriend events with a theme to raise money for my 500 project as a part of the Colour Sisterhood so I could use my love of entertaining & girlfriend time to make a difference. Each event had a particular theme that I enjoyed styling and preparing for. Recently I decided to host a baby shower for the Baby Watoto “Happy Bottoms” project. I invited all of my friends and family to bring a donation for this project as if this was my own baby shower.

To understand the significance of this invitation you need to know a little of my story. I love children!  My Hubby and I do not yet have any children so I have never had a baby shower before this. Those close to us know the journey we have been on for many years as we have tried to have a baby without success. Girls who face the heart-breaking journey of Infertility know how hard it is to even attend a baby shower. But I decided while still in the midst of this journey and nowhere near getting my miracle, to “GET MY BRAVE ON” and host a baby shower!

I had all the cute little edibles you would expect at a ‘baby shower’ and decorated the room in a showers & rainbows theme and had such fun doing it all.

This has by far been my most successful 500 project event yet. With approx 14 ladies in attendance and with donations from those who loved this idea but could not attend I raised $1100. I was amazed at the generous response that I had from my friends and family as this one event raised more than my four previous events combined!

I am proud to be able to use my biggest challenge in life to be a blessing for someone else’s challenge and to meet the need for nappies at the Baby Watoto home.  Pastor Brian Houston often says that “God uses your great test to become your testimony” and I can see how that is true in my life. I am looking forward planning my next 500 project event.