WHAT Do We Do At Team Night?

Oct 28 2014

If you didn’t get our latest Hillsong Worship newsletter, this month’s focus has been around Team Night for your team. We’ve had lots of people asking questions about what they are like.

We’ve explained WHY (Read Here) we do team night, and talked about HOW (Read Herewe do it, but we thought we’d also show you WHAT a team night looks like for us!

Now, it’s worth mentioning that every week looks different – one week might be like the example below, and the next week might be ‘a night at the movies’ (to be inspired by the brilliant expressions of creativity in Gravity), and another week might be a discussion panel about everyday excellence followed by a ping-pong championship.

The method might change, but the heart is always to gather and connect as a team, to inspire and challenge each other in our pursuit of serving Jesus with our creativity.

Here’s what team night looked like at one of our locations a few weeks ago …

We started with some worship, which was intentionally quite acoustic and intimate.


Then the lights faded to black and this video played on the screen.

Cass spoke about Ezekiel 37, and had one of our team talk about their visit to Battle Mountain in Australia, which is the site of a very significant and horrible battle between Australian aboriginals and European colonists … it was quite an emotional reflection of what the desert valley in Ezekiel might have felt like.


This set the tone for Cass to speak her message with everyone feeling the weight of the setting of Ezekiel 37.  She broke up her message with a few other creative segments — to illustrate the deafening silence of the valley, she stopped and had complete silence in the room for 3-4 minutes; enough to be quite unsettling and confronting.

She then continued speaking and brought us to a point where everyone shared a Bible verse with the person next to them, and encouraged each other in the Word.


And here’s what our run sheet looked like, for that night ….


The whole point for writing this isn’t so that you would do exactly what we did on this particular night…  Rather, it’s to show you an example of the type of things we do to mix it up. We try to use Team Nights to stretch and express our creativity in new ways, and we bring the best of that to our weekend services. We firmly believe that we need to keep innovating and creating new and relevant ways of sharing the timeless story of God. Team Night is a safe place to try new things and push the boundaries of what we think is possible.

We hope this is helpful – if you’ve started doing Team Nights for your team too, or you have more questions about how we do it, we’d love to hear from you! Please share in the comments section below.

Over to you,


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