6 Tips to Improve Your Social Media

Nov 4 2014

We often get emails, comments and tweets from people/churches asking “How do you organise social?”, “What apps do you use to edit your photos?”, “What are the best times to post?” etc. In an effort to start answering some of these questions here are some ideas to keep a healthy balance between quality and quantity.



The quality of your content on social is directly related to its effectiveness. Social media content of excellent quality when targeted to the right audience has the potential to transcend your own followers. It could even go viral!

1. Post natively to your platform.
If content is king then context has to be the queen. You can have great content but if it ignores the context of the platform it won’t thrive. 

Creating native content is powerful for storytelling but it means more work. It means taking the time to post to each platform (sorry automation lovers!). It means designing square images for Instagram and landscape for Facebook. It means rewriting your copy to fit in one tweet. It means that it doesn’t interrupt your followers in an abrupt way while they scroll because of how out of context you are.

2. Filters don't replace good photography.
Select photos that capture a story or moment you want to communicate to your audience. Always aim to keep photo quality high by ensuring that they are the appropriate resolution to the platform, not blurry or pixelated (usually caused by screenshots of another image). 

*We encourage our Hillsong account managers to avoid using filters. However, if they must use a filter, we recommend they use VSCOcam.

3. Make every word earn its place.
Writing for social media should be like combining the clarity of print journalism and the precision of poetry. Think about both the direct and indirect message your words are sending. 

Grammatical mistakes communicate a lack of excellence. Don’t let a spelling mistake ruin all your hard work! 


How often you should post in social media varies depending on platform and it seems to keep changing. Get to know your users, discovering who they are, what content they respond to and what times of the day they are online.

1. Post regularly.
Post often enough to build your audience. But don’t post for the sake of posting (aka spam). Leave a buffer of a few hours between posts to ensure that your posts do not dominate your followers' feeds (which can be annoying and lead to a loss of ‘followers’). 

2. Post when your followers are looking.
Post at the best times to effectively engage the users who are your target audience and strategically promote what is needed. Just because you had a brilliant idea for a post at 2am doesn’t mean you should post it then. There are many online tools to schedule posts. (I.e. Sprout SocialBuffer and Hoot Suite.)

3. Be social on social media.
Rather than posting 20 times a day, engage with users around each post. This is easily done by responding to comments and questions and liking other users’ posts. Being generous with your likes goes a long way. 

I hope you found these helpful. If you have any thoughts let me know!