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Celebrating 10 Years of Vision Rescue

Nov 23 2014

This weekend I have the incredible opportunity to join Biju Thampy and the team at Vision Rescue to celebrate 10 pioneering and life-changing years of ministry. Hungry and hopeful faces, the excited chatter of children, the glassy-eyed desperation of parents… all thoughts and images from Mumbai and the slums of India that flood to mind as I write.

Over the last 7 years Hillsong Church, globally, has been privileged to be the primary supporter of Vision Rescue. One of the benefits of longevity is witnessing the fruit it can bring. Approximately 200-400 children graduate from the buses into formal education each year giving each child a chance at a future outside of the slums. Generations are emerging stronger, building their lives and changing their communities.


To those of us who are oceans away, it can sound surreal. And yet, if you’ve had any connection in any way, whether through giving of finance or time or prayer, you may be surprised to know that it isn’t the grandiose gestures or sudden interventions that have made Vision Rescue the success it is. It has been the small, everyday, seemingly insignificant gestures and kindness of individuals that have become the seed of great impact and change:

260,000 meals, prepared in the Colour Sisterhood kitchen are distributed each year and 1000 children are fed and educated every day in 10 locations across Mumbai. Vision Rescue also provide medical assistance through a mobile medical van and a dental van that delivers life-saving procedures as well as connecting disadvantaged communities with existing medical services that they would otherwise be unable to access. These numbers are the combined effect of every individual’s contribution and sacrifice to make a difference.

It’s comparatively simple to get behind ministries like Vision Rescue, and there are plenty to choose from. Those people who pour out their lives ‘on the ground’ to aid and rescue defenceless victims of poverty, need and value our support.  Biju and his team are people of integrity and vision, and it is our great honour to support them.

Vision Rescue is on the frontline offensive in the advance to reclaim the stolen generations of India. That is why it is so important that we continue to give our strength to help rescue the innocent and empower people to find their purpose – all whilst giving them an opportunity to meet Jesus, through people who are being his hands and feet to a needy world.

As I look all around me I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of our people and yet so compelled to do more…

Because we can.

Join me in wishing VISION RESCUE a Happy Ten Year Anniversary by continuing to pray and give with hearts full of compassion and love.

With love, Brian