Crafting a Spectacular Christmas Service

Nov 28 2014

Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away?!? Our whole team, as I’m sure you are too, are busy preparing and getting ready for the Christmas season.  There is no time like Christmas to invite people to church… and I love that our creativity has purpose in helping to reveal the message of Jesus to a world that desperately needs to know that Peace Has Come!

We put a lot of effort into our Christmas services. Like Pastor Brian always says, we want to “make the special times special!” We know that Christmas is a time of year when people who might never normally come to church through the year, are often open to coming at Christmas! It’s an incredible opportunity we have as the Church, and as creative teams, to tell and show the true message of Christmas to our communities – the message of Hope and Joy and Peace, that God is Emmanuel, He is with us!

It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. That just one family, one person, might hear the Good News of God’s love this Christmas, it’s worth all the effort our teams put into creating the most spectacular Christmas services!

It’s also better when we share with each other 🙂 So we thought we would explain a few of the things we do to craft our Christmas services. We hope it’s helpful!

1. Make it breathtaking, everywhere!
From the trees in the carpark, to the lights on the property, to the foyers when families walk in, to the playlist when people come into the auditorium… we aim to make it breathtaking!  Grab people’s attention at every step of the way, give everyone a sense of awe and wonder from the moment they’re in our ‘home’.  It can help visitors let down their guard and enjoy the experience as we share the story of Jesus with them!

Hillsong Church ChristmasHillsong Church ChristmasHillsong Church Christmas

2. Make it special, for everyone!
We want our own church to be able to invite ANY of their friends/families/co-workers to our Christmas services, and so we make sure we have something special for everyone! We plan some fun moments for the kids… some traditional carols for people who may not know the latest and trendiest Christmas songs… we even have an occasional visit from Santa and his reindeer… oh, and some camels for the nativity too 🙂

The point is, we want to make sure that we create moments that can engage with anyone who might come to our services … young, old, churched and unchurched; the message of Jesus is for EVERYONE!!!

Hillsong Church ChristmasHillsong Church Christmas

3. Make it fun, awe-inspiring, and memorable!
Our Senior Pastor always says that “church is meant to be ENJOYED, not endured!”. And so we always include lots of space for fun, laughter, and spontaneous hilarity. (This may or may not include Santa and Rudolph taking a #selfie with all their reindeer and an astronaut). But we also work hard to craft moments that will take people’s breath away, that will leave them awe-struck and in holy reverence of God Almighty. Our prayer is that everybody would have a memorable encounter with God!

Hillsong Church Christmas

4. Make it the very best that you can!
Excellence is our ever-growing personal and collective best, as an offering to God!  Matthew 2 tells us of the three wise men, bringing their offerings and gifts to the Saviour’s birth. They brought their very finest, the best of what they had to offer.

Our prayer and hope is that as worshippers, we would do the same! We endeavour to bring our finest offering as we celebrate God with us, Emmanuel. It will look a bit different for each of us. For some of us, this might mean a few extra rehearsals to craft the music. For others, it might mean hours of lighting candles to make the platform looks stunning, with countless extra hours to make sure they’re safety-approved 🙂

One of the simple things we’ve done is create special hand-written chalkboard lyrics for people to read on the screens (download them here with last year’s runsheets).

Whatever it might be, let’s bring the very best of what we have as we celebrate Christ’s coming!

Hillsong Church Christmas

5. Make it about Jesus, unashamedly!
“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people… a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”

Don’t just leave it to the preaching to tell the story of Jesus – let everything that we do point people to Him! The message of Christmas is about Emmanuel, God being present and with us, and we want all of our creativity to be saturated with the Joy, Peace, and Hope of His presence!

More than the lights and music, more than the carols and nativity sets, more than anything else, we want to tell of the Good News that is for everyone, and we want that to be evident in our Christmas services 🙂

Hillsong Church ChristmasHillsong Church Christmas

In short, we love Christmas and we’re passionate about crafting spectacular Christmas services, to tell the story of Jesus to our church and community!  We shall be praying for you as you prepare for such a significant season of the year.


Download our runsheets and chalkboard lyrics here.

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