David Ware's No Other Name Setlist

Nov 28 2014

Hey everyone!

As mentioned in the Hillsong Worship newsletter, here’s my setlist idea for you! ┬áHope you find it helpful!



If you’re thinking about using any new ‘No Other Name‘ songs in your church, or just curious to know how some of our key Hillsong Worship leaders use them in their setlists, here are some ideas for you!

David Ware’s suggested setlist from No Other Name:

Alive (D)
No Other Name (G)
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) (G)
This I Believe (The Creed) (C)

What kind of service is this setlist best suited for?
For a night service, or a service that has a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, full of life and energy!

Would you ask your co-worship leader to lead any sections or songs, and why?
I would have my co-WL lead ‘Broken Vessels’. This way, it leaves space for my co-leader to lead, but I can still begin and end the set list with strength and set them up for a win!

Please explain the arrangement and journey of your setlist.
I love the individual dynamic of each song and how they each take their own path, but this set as a whole has a beautiful and coherent dynamic journey throughout it as well.

Where are you trying to lead the congregation to, and how would you engage them to that end?
I think dynamics in a set really help to engage people. I think thematically when you are singing truth and the end has an anthemic and triumphant tone, then you have taken people to a place that builds faith.

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