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Worship Team Tips for Everyone

Nov 17 2014

If you have the privilege of finding yourself on a worship team in a church responsible for the music on a Sunday, there are some very simple things you can do to make life easier on your worship pastor or leader… Here are just a few of them 🙂


1. Learn the parts
Don’t waste your team’s time — prepare beforehand on your own time and come ready to rehearse!  Know the songs, know the arrangements and be ready to contribute at a higher level — warm up if you are a vocalist, tune up if you play an instrument, etc.

2. Turn up.  On time!
As musicians and singers, it’s so easy to think you’ve done the right thing by showing up at all… that song that was running around your head sidetracked you, those lyrics you had to memorise, the latest song that just downloaded to your iTunes account that you just had to stop and listen to…

The truth is though, as a musician you play on a team… there’s no room for lone rangers or late-comers. Respect others enough to turn up when you should and where you should — be punctual!  And if you have gear to set up, then arrive earlier! It won’t go unnoticed.

3. Take lessons
No matter how good you are, keep pushing the ceiling and keep getting better! Not just in your leadership and Christian discipleship but in your skill, technique and musicianship — make every effort to bring your very best every time you play and sing!

4. Cultivate a ‘can do’ attitude
Try and be one of those people who sees possibility rather than obstacles. Find ways of being able to say ‘yes’, to go the extra mile and to inject yourself into the team. If there are new songs, new ways of doing things, new members to come along side — say ‘yes’ as your default, not ‘no way’… it’s so much easier on your leader!

5. Debrief
Be willing to listen to feedback after services and be committed to continuous improvement! Highlight what others have done well and work on your own shortcomings.

6. Love Jesus
As Christians, prioritise your relationship with the Lord! Be someone who brings depth and authenticity to the platform. Be ready to encourage others — know what God’s challenging you on and be willing to lead pre-service prayer meetings and behind the scenes. Developing spiritual maturity means you will become someone your leaders can count on!

7. Dig for gold
Help others to see the gifts in themselves. Champion others and look for people in your church who could contribute to the worship team. There’s nothing better than to help people see the talents that God has entrusted to them and help them unearth their potential!

8. Worship off the platform
When you are sitting in a service, be the type of person who leads worship from your seat! Don’t sit back judging what’s happening but engage in worship like you’d expect the congregation to do if you were leading!

9. Be helpful
Think about what it takes to make Sundays happen — photocopying, admin, roster confirmations, communication, setting the stage, etc — and then be proactive to do what you need to do quickly! e.g. confirm your rostered positions and offer to help in other areas if and when you have time.

10. Bring food to rehearsals 🙂
Everything’s better with coffee… Or cake… Or chips or chocolate or kale juice… Bring something to share and keep actively building creative community!!

I’m sure there’s a hundred more things we could add to this list, but this is a good start for now 🙂

Why don’t you take some time and reflect on which of these things you’re good at and which ones you might need to grow in? You and your worship team will be better for it, I promise!!