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10 Songs You Need to Sing This Christmas and Why

Dec 1 2014

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. And I don’t think I’m on my own. It is a nostalgic time of the year; it marks the end of the year, a celebration of work, family and for the Christian, it provides an annual reminder of God’s love and the fulfilment of an ancient promise.

Advent is a very significant period in the Christian calendar. It reminds us that the world as we know it is still a work in progress. As the people of God of old waited for the Messiah who has now come, so too we should be reminded at Christmas time of that which is still yet to come.

Christmas wouldn’t feel like Christmas without “Silent Night”, “O Holy Night” and “Hark The Herald”. The songs we sing have a unique potential to remind us of the years that have passed; for the ways and the people with which we have spent this important season. Moreover, they point to the Saviour that has come, and to a God that is love and peace.

I love the traditional Christmas Carols and would recommend making Christmas services lean on the classics. Notwithstanding, there are some great new songs to add to the list. So here goes:

1. Noel (Download)
This is a celebration of song, of the great tradition of singing together. It has undergone somewhat of a makeover from Y&F. I strongly recommend you check out the new version.

2. Silent Night
One of my favourite carols. The birth of the Saviour brought peace to all mankind.

3. Peace Has Come (Download)
This is a new song that we have written specifically for this Christmas; when our world needs peace as much as ever.

Peace is not merely the absence of external trouble -it is the “presence of a Saviour” who cares about the human condition.

Everything Jesus did pointed to peace and this same peace is still available and accessible today.

Because, two thousand years ago, on the first Christmas, in a humble stable in a town called Bethlehem, Jesus was born. We can now sing that PEACE HAS COME.

4. O Come Let Us Adore
One of the most singable carols. It’s versatile and worshipful.

5. Emmanuel (Tomlin)
We’ve done this on Christmas Eve for the past few years. It’s a really special song.

6. O Holy Night
With a haunting melody, it expresses that not only was Jesus fully man, but He is fully God, worthy of reverence. It’s always great to hear this sung really well!

7. Born Is The King
We released this a few years back. I love it more each year. It is fun and bright, and a timely reminder of what Christmas is all about.

And three classics to round out the 10:

8. Hark The Herald

9. Joy To The World

10. Away In A Manger

Merry Christmas everyone.. May this be your best yet.