Cass' Favourite Christmas Songs

Dec 19 2014

Christmas is my most favourite time of year!! I love everything about it – the decorations, the giving of gifts, and of course the songs about snow (even though we don’t have any snow in Australia). More than that, I love the songs about Jesus, the Saviour that came near to us in a manger in a little town far away in Bethlehem. Here’s some of my absolute best songs to sing at Christmas time. I hope you love them too!


Born Is The King

…Maybe because the video clip features my son and it’s so fun to sing loud in the car on the way to school!

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) – Chris Tomlin

Such a great congregational Christmas song…

Emmanuel – Reuben Morgan

There’s a line “My shepherd King. You’re watching over me” it always captivates me with the majesty and intimacy of our Saviour Jesus.

King of Heaven

I remember one Christmas Eve, we did the most spectacular nativity to this song.

Tell Me The Story Of Jesus – Kim Walker

From the new Kim Walker Christmas album. We used it this year for the Lord’s Supper in December. It’s beautiful.

Have a very Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!


Cass Langton