Deck the Halls: How To Build Our Christmas Stage Design

Dec 11 2014

What a privilege we have to “deck the halls” and prepare our buildings and auditoriums for the celebration of Jesus’ birth! Like all good party planning, the preparation for Christmas begins months out, as we collaborate with our leadership and communications team to start imagining what Christmas could look like… We labour to craft an environment for people to experience the wonder of Christmas, and giving our best to bring designs that reflect the awe and beauty of the season as they hear the story of Jesus!


The design process for us looks like: dreaming > researching > designing > rendering > building > installing. Of course with a lot of collaboration and refining and re-designing mixed in!

Below is a quick overview of what our Christmas install looked like at one of our campuses this year, with the plans and designs of how we built it!

Click here to download our stage design plans

There are always people willing and wanting to get involved in the life of our creative team, but gathering new people into teams that are somewhat specialized (like stage design) can be a challenge to navigate. We have learned that the more problem solving, and documentation we can do before we begin set construction the more people we can involve and develop along the way. We give our best attempt to try to get to installation week and have guides that will allow someone either on their 20th install or their first install to succeed.

It has definitely been a journey for our team to get to this level, and we still have a long way to go, but with people as our priority, we will continue to labour to create stepping stones in developing teams!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

Kristin Mateika
(Creative Stage Design)

Hillsong Christmas Stage Design
Hillsong Christmas Stage DesignHillsong Christmas Stage DesignHillsong Christmas Stage Design