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Peace Has Come

Dec 24 2014

What an honour to be able to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and holiday season.

Peace has come.

Perhaps that may seem an odd statement given the world in which we currently find ourselves – but may we also encourage you with the reality that “true peace” is able to (miraculously) enter the most difficult or pressing circumstances and bring hope.

Jesus’ words are clear in the gospels that record His time on earth. He said that this world would experience war and trouble, but that “His promise” is one of peace and confidence amid the challenge.  In fact, the very peace He experienced and carried, He promised to leave with us. (John 14.27)

Peace is not merely the absence of external trouble – it is the “presence of a Saviour” who cares about the human condition.

Everything Jesus Christ did pointed to peace. When the judgmental religious of the day gathered to brutally stone a woman who had offended an ancient moral code – He instead offered peace, forgiveness and justice. Where people mourned and experienced pain and heartache – He brought peace, comfort and healing. For those haunted with fear, regret or doubt – He extended peace, freedom and restoration.

This same peace is still available and accessible today.

That first ‘Christmas Day’ was surrounded by tension. Cultures, kingdoms and nations were clashing, and people were desperately waiting, needing and looking for a peacemaker. It was into this turmoil that a baby boy child was born. The God of all mankind clothed himself in flesh and entered the insanity of a lost world in order to bring sanity. He made a way for all people and became “The Way” for all cultures and all nations to be reconciled back to peace eternal.

Our prayer on this Christmas morning in 2014 is that local churches around the world will overflow with people who not only desire peace in their own experience, but also are committed to become carriers and agents of peace to the world around them.

Our prayer is that division and prejudice would give way to acceptance and embrace. That instead of fear, we would offer faith that introduces people to a truly faithful God.  Our prayer is that families, neighborhoods and communities alike will feel the “tangible calm” because light, love and peace are prevailing.

Two thousand years ago, over a humble stable in a town called Bethlehem, an angelic host sang and declared because indeed the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords and the PRINCE OF PEACE had come.

With Love,

Brian and Bobbie Houston