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Leading a Young & Free Generation in Worship

Feb 5 2015

As a part of our Young & Free team, I get the privilege of traveling around the world and worshipping with thousands of young people, but the even greater honour of helping steward and lead our youth worship teams here in Sydney! Nothing compares to seeing a young person connect with Jesus for the first time and teaching them to worship God in every moment of their lives. It’s such an incredible opportunity and there’s so much to learn along the way!

Each generation is different and needs young leaders like you and me to show them what a life of worship looks like!

Here’s a few things that I’ve learnt along the way about leading a Young & Free generation in worship … hope it helps!

1. They Want To Be Led
I think we can sometimes be guilty of a mindset that young people are against being led in worship, but I have found that it is quite the opposite. I believe young people are hungry for someone to teach them how to worship. If we aren’t teaching them what it means to worship, who will?


2. Don’t Leave Anyone Behind
As one of one senior worship leaders, Jad Gillies, always says:
Don’t leave anyone behind!!

It’s your job as the worship leader to make sure that everyone is ENGAGING in worship. Don’t be afraid to address the ‘back-row bandits,’ not shaming them, but letting them know they are invited to be a part of this moment.

3. Seize the Atmosphere
If the vibe of the room isn’t conducive to a positive worship environment, don’t allow it to stay that way. Don’t be afraid to take a moment to explain the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ we worship.

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4. Be Confident In Your Own Identity
In a generation where identity is the key issue, young people can tell if you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Be sure of your identity not only as a person, but also as a worshiper and a child of God.

5. Be Bold
I always encourage our younger worship leaders, even if they are students themselves, to be confident and actually lead people into worship – that includes anything from speaking out, praying, reading the moment, free worship.

6. Be Creative
You know your youth ministry. What are new and different ways for you to deliver your worship set? What is going to help young people love and never forget what happened at youth?

7. They Are Not The Future of the Church, They ARE the Church
Never take for granted the opportunity you have. These are the people who are going to change a generation. They will have such a profound influence on the world around them and YOU have the privilege of shaping the way they learn to worship.

8. Genuinely Worship Jesus
I constantly encourage our team to make sure we personally are leading from a place of worship, because how can we possibly hope to lead anybody if we can’t first lead ourselves?

9. Have The Best Time Of Your Life
Leading worship with young people will be some of craziest God encounters you’ll ever experience. Enjoy it, love it, have the time of your life, the way praising God should be!