Welcome Home!

A middle aged man approached me on Sunday morning and told me about how he came to attend our Mitchells Plain Campus.

“I have been church hopping for a few months and decided I need to find a church I can be planted in and call my home.

One Sunday morning a walked by the school ground of Westridge Secondary School. From the road I could see the school hall and noticed there was a huge banner on the front of the school which read “Welcome Home”. I immediately thought someone is returning home from overseas and their family is throwing a welcome home party. But I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to go and have a look inside.

As I walked through the main gates onto the school property, there were many people greeting me and smiling, as if I was the one being welcomed home. As I entered the doors to the auditorium I felt the presents of God and felt very much at home.

Now I know that God was calling me home. A home I could grow in and be a part of. I am happy to say that I now call this church my HOME.”

He is now starting to attend Discovery and excited to start serving thereafter.

Jovahn Parenzee, Mitchells Plain Campus Leader.

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