A Light in the Deepest Darkness

Mar 27 2015

I’m so excited to celebrate the incredible season of Easter! One of the ways, I am going to celebrate (besides being in church with you all and by eating lots of Easter eggs of course!) is by spending time with my friends caught up in human trafficking here in Copenhagen.

I, along with two other amazing women, head up the Night Light Café in Copenhagen. The café was established two years ago with the goal of reaching foreign women in trafficking with the love of Christ.  The name ‘Night Light Café’ is inspired by John 1:5 that says:

“And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

On the 1st of April, we expect around 80 trafficked women to attend an Easter event we are hosting where there will be food, songs and handmade gifts for all the ladies. We want to declare the message of Easter loud and clear: † = .  We want to declare it so clearly that it overshadows the pain and shame ruling in these precious women’s hearts!

The café is a place of spiritual nourishment and rest for the women in the midst of endless demands from their traffickers and customers.  We are currently open two nights a week and have a volunteer group of 40 women from different church backgrounds. We love the unity and support we receive from churches for this Kingdom cause and how we can stand together to spread light and hope in a place that is literally the devil’s playground. 

The cross truly equals unconditional love. On the cross, Jesus loved us back to life, and therefore we have a desire to embrace people in the midst of their brokenness, just as Christ continuously does for us. This unusual love compels us to humble ourselves and follow in the footsteps of our Saviour. We no longer live for ourselves, we live for Him and our hearts are moved by what God’s heart is moved by – broken humanity. 

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Life with Jesus is not always glamorous outwardly but it is glorious inwardly. It is not always glamorous to spend my Saturday nights with people, who are considered outcasts by society. But the sweet presence of God is gloriously manifested in the deepest darkness. The women I meet are absolute treasures. They teach me so much by their strong faith and perseverance in the midst of their tragic situation. 

I am reminded this Easter, how service is not a path to greatness. Service isgreatness. That’s truly what our beautiful Jesus displayed to us on the cross. Christ challenges our human nature. As we give, we receive.  As we serve, we are called great. As we die to ourselves, we come alive in Him. 

May we get a deeper revelation of Christ’s love for us this Easter and may His perfect love compel us to lay down our lives by standing up for someone else’s. 

In doing this we declare the message of Easter loud and clear: † = ♡.

– Sandra