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Easter: You Are Loved.

Easter preparations is in full swing and our team is very excited about this year’s Easter weekend.

Our prayer this year is that every person, from brand new to the Christian life, to those who have served Jesus for many years, will have a new understanding of the significance of Easter.

In the lead up to Easter, let’s passionately embark on this journey together. With our eyes fixed on the Cross, we pray that our eyes will be opened to His rich and expansive Grace poured out for each one of us.

Last year we based our Easter Weekend around the theme: You Are Loved. We thought we’ll share last year’s Easter film with you.


Easter 2014 ~ Film Presentation

Live reading:

Oh, have we ever known a word more ambiguous to our human tongue.
A feeling more magical, there is none. That indescribable fluttering of loves first kiss.
A rush of blood. Red lips and sunny summer days.
Endless bliss. That day we fell in love.
The day I uttered those hidden words…
“I love you…”
This feeling. We sing its praises. We are all fools to its insatiable curiosities.
We search for it everywhere. We long for him, her, the one. That person that will complete me.
With blinded lust we indulge in this unscrupulous affair of our senses. Senseless.
Love, you come so naturally.
Love, you come so strongly.
I love thee with a love that shall not die.
Till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old.
Love. So beautiful.
Love. So brutal.
Through it all we are left longing…
Have we misunderstood love’s original intent.
Did we lose its meaning in romanticised notions of pop culture and selfish satisfaction?
What is love?
I felt it momentarily. Its affects everlasting.
Who taught mankind to love?
Could this LOVE we so deeply long for be the greatest gift God has given us?
This is the story of love…

 The film ends again with the following thoughts…

Love – it sacrifices for a better life, it stares down adversity, and no matter how hard we try, it can never be deserved.

It is a gift, we freely received from God.
A gift we receive once we accept Him into our lives.
This love the whole world is obsessed with, that our hearts so deeply long for… It has a name… Jesus.

Human love can die with every whim and fancy.
I love you. I love you not. I love you. I love you not.
But the love of Jesus never ends. His Love never gives in, it never grows cold, it’s always there.
Constant. With outstretched arms he awaits you.
You are loved.

Easter is coming.

Hillsong South Africa Creative Team