Empires Art

19 March 2015

Hillsong United Empires

Originally, I didn’t want to say too much about the art… I like the idea of people looking into it and coming to their own conclusions, thoughts, ideas, conspiracies or if it should be so graced – revelations!! Or maybe there is nothing to read into!? What I will say, is that with everything we do, there is a desire to be intentional, even if it is random.

So UNITED being upside down is not a mistake? Or was it? I guess if you were to own the physical version of the record at least it offers you a choice. So does that mean UNITED is written at the top or along the bottom? Is up really down? And down really up? Does simplicity offer less or more, more or less?

Obviously it’s black and white. But which one holds the negative space? Is it black on white, or is it white on black? Are the lines and the grid vertical or horizontal or are they both in fact both?

So many questions!!!

You guys can figure it out. Or not. Or maybe there is nothing much to figure out. Or just maybe, it’s less about what we see, and more about what we don’t! Orperhaps it’s not about what we see at all, in which case we can all simply relax and lean into what we hear.  After all, faith comes by hearing right!?? Ohhh the paradox of it all!!!!