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Found in His Love

Last year’s Colour Conference really changed my life, not just mine but my mum’s too. We were both sponsored to attend the conference and that in itself was such a blessing. I am forever grateful and thankful to those who gave so freely for us to be forever changed.

I decided to serve for conference and on day two, I sat backstage and listened to the girls praise and worship God as I changed the lyrics for them. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. It was indescribable. The sound that came from the girls sounded like Heaven had opened and they were fully receiving or inheriting the Kingdom of God. If I could hear that sound every day of my life, I would. It’s a sound that is still transcending through the Earth.

That very moment God spoke to me about things that I needed to personally stand up for and things that I had to make changes to in my life. I was never a very open person, not to people and not to most things in life. When Lisa Bevere made the statement about how God loves us uniquely and not equally, something inside of me set alight. It was as if my soul had longed for that answer for a while. Without noticing, I realized that God had been talking to me about things for a while, unique things. I knew if I did not decide to be more open and make changes in my life, I would always just be in an ordinary space with God, doing ordinary things. When what He had and still has for me is beyond anything that I could ever think or imagine.

I love how Carl Lentz said that we always need to be shining our light in this dark world. That it was actually our responsibility to be sharing our faith, even though it wasn’t easy, it isn’t optional. My faith was always mine, I never knew how to share God because I was always so closed. People knew I believed in God, but they never knew why I believed in Him, and I was always closed to telling them because of all the lies that the enemy had spoken to me.

Needless to say, after Colour I knew I had to make some changes, it wasn’t easy in the beginning, but it wasn’t optional. With God by my side walking with me every step of the way, staying committed to reading my bible, and just staying in prayer, God helped me to open up to people and this life that He has for me. I still don’t have everything in my life sorted out, but I would not have changed a thing about Colour 2014 and how God moved in my life and so many other girls’ lives.

It’s almost Colour 2015 and I now have friends who come to Church who I would have never thought would ever be in Church. I have also opened up with my connect group, who are like family to me, and I have made lifelong friends by just being myself.

I know that there is more to come! Even though the process has been gradual, it has been from the hands of my maker.

Claire Campbell